PCN Announcement - EUCO ARENA SPORT Series Firmware update

PCN Announcement

Date: Mar 13, 2023

Doc no.: PCN 2023002

To: Dear Customers

Subject: Firmware update by adding new features for EUCO-1K5140GLA, EUCO-1K0140GLA, EUCO-1K5140GDA, and EUCO-1K0140GDA driver models.

This letter serves to inform you that Delta Electronics, Inc. will update the firmware of the following models: EUCO-1K5140GLA, EUCO-1K0140GLA, EUCO-1K5140GDA, and EUCO-1K0140GDA. The design change only involves software(firmware) by adding new functional features to existing products, and causes no impact on other functions and performance

The add-on features list follows below:

  1. DALI Part 251-Memory Bank1 Extension (EUCO-1K5140GLA/EUCO-1K0140GLA only)
  2. DALI Part 253-Diagnostics & Maintenance (EUCO-1K5140GLA/EUCO-1K0140GLA only)
  3. Constant lumen output (CLO) all models
  4. Smart time dimming (Autonomous dimming middle of night) all models

As a result, the driver programming tool (GUI) will be updated accordingly to latest version:

  1. DALI and DMX GUI will be updated from version S02E05 to S03E00.
  2. The User Manual of DALI GUI will be updated from version V2.4 to version V3.0.
  3. RDM_tool_for EUCO-1K5140GDA and EUCO-1K0140GDA version S00E10 to S01E00.
  4. The DMX/RDM GUI User Manual will be updated from version V0.7 to V1.0.
  5. Product datasheet for EUCO-1K5140GLA, EUCO-1K0140GLA, EUCO-1K5140GDA, and EUCO-1K0140GDA will be updated accordingly.

These new-added features will be implemented in the production 90 days after issuing this PCN.

Product Manager: Luis Chivico

Lighting Power BU

Delta Electronics, Inc.

186 Ruey Kuang Road, Neihu District, Taipei 11491, Taiwan. R.O.C.


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